WD Jackson

WD Jackson

March 12, 2015

WDJacksonThis query letter resulted in a publishing contract with Bad Day Books.


Hi Les,

I hope you are well.

I’m not sure if you remember, but I submitted my novel Red Light into a competition you hosted a month or two ago. Though I was not eligible for it as I had already published Red Light online, you suggested that I might like to send you my next manuscript upon completion. I have now finished my third novel Slasher and would love to send it to you if you are still interested.

To refresh your memory, Slasher is a crime thriller set in Los Angeles about a serial killer targeting actresses that starred as ‘final girls’ in slasher movies for a film production company called Hitlist Pictures. It follows Sergeant Joshua Matthews, thrown reluctantly into the world of homicide as he attempts to track down the killer, and rising Hollywood star Kiralee Martinson, who has just landed the lead role in Hitlist’s new horror film, Slasher, and inadvertently put herself directly in the killers’ sights.

If this sounds like something Bad Day Books would be interested in, let me know (including how you prefer it to be formatted) and it would be my pleasure to send it to you.

Kind regards and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Will Jackson