Stefanie Lyons

Stefanie Lyons

May 6, 2015









This query resulted in numerous full manuscript requests, most of which were immediate upon sending out this email. In the end, it was this query, combined with an agent speed-dating panel at a writer’s conference that landed Stefanie her agent, Erin Harris at Folio.

Another interesting tidbit – the final sentence of this query has been used in marketing copy by the publisher, Flux!


Dear Agent,

I enjoyed {researched each agent individually and inserted something personal that connected me to them here}. Because of this, I’d love for you to consider my verse novel, DATING DOWN that I wrote while finishing my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

We hear about it every day:

Amy Winehouse dated down with Blake.

Britney dated down with Kevin Federline.

And Samantha Henderson dates down with X, a guy she now refuses to name.

A guy she nearly destroys her friendships, future, and father’s political career for in the process.

Sam’s giddy-Bohemian-crush turned destructive-downward-spiral takes her to the places any girl who falls for the “charming loser we think we can change” goes.

Only, Sam emerges to tell about it.

My other poetry and short stories can be found in Burningword Literary, Soundings Review, and Bartleby Snopes. DATING DOWN combines my roots in Chicago with the childhood memories of my father’s small-town political ambitions to create a story filled with hurt, healing, and hope.


Stefanie Lyons