Shari Green

Shari Green

March 13, 2015

ShariGreenThis query letter resulted in a publishing contract with EVERNIGHT TEEN for Shari’s debut novel FOLLOWING CHELSEA. I’ve read LOTS of query letters and few send tingles down my spine. This one did. Awesome premise.


When I read your Call for Submissions and saw the type of stories you’re looking for, I thought you might be interested in my contemporary YA novel, FOLLOWING CHELSEA.

After her social life comes to a spectacular crash-and-burn ending, seventeen-year-old Anna Richards wants nothing more than to slide in under the radar at her new school and get through Senior year unscathed. However, when Anna walks into Beaumont High, the sea of students parts before her like she’s Moses, and all eyes are on her.

It turns out Anna looks freakishly like Chelsea, the popular student who died at a party in June, and it throws everyone for a loop. After initially flipping off the entire student body, Anna eventually discovers a way to make the awkward situation work in her favour. Sure, her method’s a little twisted—so what? When Chelsea’s grieving boyfriend becomes obsessed with Anna, however, things go from weird to downright dangerous. Turns out, walking in the footsteps of a dead girl isn’t easy.

FOLLOWING CHELSEA is complete at 48,000 words. The full manuscript and a synopsis are attached for your consideration.

Thanks very much for your time!


Shari Green