Shallee McArthur

Shallee McArthur

March 12, 2015
ShalleeMcArthurThis query letter resulted in a contract with literary agent Hannah Bowman from Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency and a publishing contract with Sky Pony Press for her debut novel, THE UNHAPPENING OF GENESIS LEE.

Dear Ms. Bowman,

Thanks for requesting my manuscript! I appreciated the awesome feedback you gave me on my last manuscript, and hope you enjoy this one. I’ve attached it as requested, and included the query below.

Seventeen-year-old Gena never takes off her Link bracelets. Each one holds her most precious memories–literally. Gena is Mementi, someone who uses the Links to store every moment from her life. Her memories never dim and they’re never forgotten.

But they can be stolen.

A Link thief has already ripped entire lives from six people, including Gena’s best friend. Anyone could be next. Which is why Gena freaks out when a strange boy appears and claims she’s forgotten him. His proof? A recording of his own memory that shows her crashing into him–on the run from the Link thief.

With suspicion tearing her town apart and hints of a dark purpose that could destroy the Mementi altogether, Gena has to find the thief. Again. Before she forgets anything else.

THE UNHAPPENING OF GENESIS LEE is an 89,000-word young adult science fiction novel that would appeal to fans of Across the Universe by Beth Revis and White Cat by Holly Black.

I have a BA in English and Creative Writing from Brigham Young University and spend my Wednesday nights honing my writing with my critique group.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Shallee McArthur



“…It’s the sensitive handling of emotional details and the trauma of too much connection that make this a story of interest. The reactions to memory losses are painful and poignant…For anyone fascinated with thoughts of omniscience and total social connection—and who isn’t?—McArthur’s debut suggests fascinating and chilling possibilities.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Equal parts dark and delightful, McArthur’s stunning debut takes an awesome SF premise and follows it deep into the maze of the human mind. I loved it so much I was jealous.” –Dan Wells, author of the NYT bestselling PARTIALS Sequence
“A thrilling read from beginning to end, this stunning debut had me wishing I could record my memories to keep them safe! Just like Gena, I was desperate to discover the thief while at the same time hoping the story would never end.” –Elana Johnson, author of the POSSESSION trilogy