N.K. Traver

N.K. Traver

April 19, 2015
This query letter resulted in representation by Brianne Johnson with Writers House.  DUPLICITY was published by Macmillan/Thomas Dunne Books.  N.K. Traver shows how to use profession as a Web developer to sell a query letter.

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am seeking representation for DUPLICITY, a 57,000-word YA cyber-thriller.

In private, seventeen-year-old Brandon hacks bank accounts for thousands of dollars just for the hell of it. In public, he looks like any other tattooed bad boy with a fast car and devil-may-care attitude. He should know: he’s worked hard to maintain that façade. With inattentive parents who move between cities every couple of years, he’s learned not to get tangled up in things like friends and relationships. So he’ll just keep on living like a machine, all gears and wires.

Then two things come along to shatter his carefully-built image: Emma, the kind, preppy girl who insists on looking beneath the surface – and the small matter of a mirror reflection that starts moving by itself. Not only does Brandon’s reflection have a mind of its own, but it seems to be grooming him for something – washing the dye from his hair, yanking out his piercings, swapping his black shirts for … pastels. Then it tells him: it thinks it can live his life better, and it’s preparing to trade places.

And when it pulls Brandon through the looking-glass, not only will he need all his ill-gotten hacking skills to escape, but he’s going to have to face some hard truths about who he’s become. Otherwise he’s going to be stuck in a digital hell until he’s old and grey, and Emma and his parents won’t even know he’s gone.

I am an active member of Pikes Peak Writers and attended their 2012 conference. As a Web developer for a local nonprofit, I have an intimate knowledge of programming and computers, which I used to my full advantage in writing this book.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


N.K. Traver

I found my agent through an online pitch contest called Xmas In July, so my query numbers are a little skewed. I sent out about 20 queries (all rejections) before I revised the heck out of my first chapter, then I entered a couple of online pitch contests, and between the two, got 11 requests for more pages that eventually led to multiple offers of representation.