Joe Craig

Joe Craig

March 12, 2015

JoeCraigJoe’s query letter resulted in a contract with literary agent Sarah Manson, although he is now represented by Stephanie Thwaites from Curtis Brown. The second query letter is from his first agent and resulted in a publishing contract with HarperCollins. Instead of the pitched trilogy, the publisher asked for an entire series. Seven books have now been published with an eighth coming soon.


Dear Agent,

Book 1:


“We’ve come for the boy.” It starts then: the strange power that’s controlling Jimmy Coates. When his mother tells him to run, something makes him run faster and harder than he thought he could. It isn’t a spell, it isn’t a trick; it’s coming from inside him.

Who are the men of the green stripe and why are they after Jimmy? Even stranger is how he keeps getting away. His sister has gone on the run, and his parents have disappeared. But it’s him they want.

Now, with his best friend Felix, Jimmy has to save the people he loves, and discover the truth: about his country, his family, and his identity. Everybody’s out to get him. He can trust noone. But the toughest battle of all is with himself.

Book 2:


After his daring escapades in London, Jimmy Coates is forced into hiding from those who thought they were his commanders. He is a marked boy: the only threat to an evil regime. There is more than one assassin, though, and they can be turned on each other.

But for Jimmy, running isn’t good enough any more. He needs to complete the rescue mission that was only half finished last time round. With an unlikely team of rebels, he’s coming back.

Will Felix be able to help him again, after sacrificing far more than anyone expected? Is the dashing Christopher Viggo trying to take the place of Jimmy’s father in more ways than one? And how long does Jimmy have before the demons inside power their way to the surface?

Book 3:


Now it’s personal. As the influence of NJ7 and the green stripe spreads, Jimmy, the assassin, must turn saviour. It’s up him to rescue his nation from his father, and his father from himself.


Joe Craig