Becky Wallace

Becky Wallace

April 22, 2015

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Take a look at Becky’s query letter that resulted in 9 full requests and 4 offers of representation, landing her a contract with Jennifer Laughran from Andrea Brown Literary Agency.  Her current book THE STORY SPINNER is published by Simon & Schuster/McElderry.


Dear Ms. Laughran,

I’ve read your interviews and profiles on several blogs, and the positive buzz is overwhelming!  You sound like such a lovely person.  I’d be delighted if you’d consider my manuscript, SAW IT COMING, for your list.

Seventeen-year-old Sam Oliveira doesn’t want to join the family business—not that he has a choice. His ability to see the future is an inherited trait, one that makes him a valuable recruit for the drug lord that employs his mother.

Sam’s talent is coveted by cartels and human traffickers who want a definite edge over law enforcement. He’d love to be a normal teenager, but his family is always on the run, changing locations and identities every few months. 

When a middle of the night escape lands them in suburban Houston, Sam finally gets the life he always wanted. He wins a starting spot on the baseball team and the heart of his dream girl, Gabby Wilkins.

Everything is perfect until Sam’s gut-wrenching visions return.  Instead of focusing on terrorist bombings or rival cartel attacks, they reveal Gabby’s murder at the hands of a faceless stalker.  Wild images of her being beaten, broken, and submerged in water have him scrambling to piece together the events leading up to her death.

If Sam could learn to control his precognition, he might be able to save her. Too bad the only people who can help him are on the wrong side of the law.

SAW IT COMING is a YA Paranormal Romance complete at 63,000 words.  Per your submission guidelines I’ve pasted the first ten pages below.  The remainder is available at your request.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



  • I sent out more than 40 queries
  • I had nine full requests and four offers of representation (even though this story never sold!)
  • I queried in batches of ten, trying out different versions of the synopsis until I found one that got bites. (Here’s a link to my full querying experience: How I Got from Point A to Point (A)B Lit)
  • I tailored each query (specifically the opening paragraph) to each agent.
  • I signed with Jennifer Laughran of Andrea Brown Lit four years ago.